Dilip in Mumbai

I meant to post this last night, so I’m just going to stick last nights date on here. As most of my attention has been focused on Lebanon over the past 3 days, I had originally meant to talk about what took place in Mumbai. But instead of telling you the obvious stuff, like how sad it was that so many people died… I would rather direct you to an article. But this isn’t the typical blogger lazy-link-to-an-article post, the article I recommend is from a blogger who has appeared on my podcast and you can find in my blogroll: “Death Ends Fun”.
Although it might sound a little odd, I have to say the descriptions put forth my Dilip regarding his first hand observations of the aftermath on those trains, as people struggled to help each other and to save whomever they could, it was oddly beautiful. I’m sure it wasn’t his intention and few people would ever call such an occasion beautiful, but the underlying spirit of his words really captured this very caring and determined energy of the people of Mumbai.

So I recommend you read the article, and I leave you with one good selection from it:

The lot of us, dripping water on the hospital’s
spotless floors, stride up to the blood bank. There’s
time to get their names: Binaifer the woman, Shoukat
the driver, Tabrez, Maaz, Anil and Nawaz. We have,
ladies and gentlemen, sound the trumpets, a Hindu, a
Christian, four Muslims, a Parsee and an agnostic
(me). All here to give blood for faceless fellow
humans. (Not my blood, after all, because I donated
just two months ago.) It really shouldn’t, but this
touches me somewhere deep, something fierce.