bmtv6 Video Proof of QD’06

I’m not putting it into the main feed this time, but for those wanting something for sunday evening/monday morn, here’s a vlog about Queen’s day. Starring lots of famous Amsterdam and Netherlands characters from my life who will not be named in this post. Cept the mindcaster… of course I’ll use his name, my co-pilot on board the red august.

All in all, the red august braved the Amsterdam waters despite bumper to bumper bigass boats with DJ’s and people shakin their booties on board. It was certainly not the August’s first queens day, as I was a guest on board back in 2003. Still, this time I was captain and owner of the vessel, it was a big responsibility, but I survived and enjoyed taking the friends around town in style.

For full coverage of Queen’s day from the view of expats and nonexpats, consult BlondeButBright, Todd over at Waking up in Amsterdam, Gabe Mac of, and of course the Mindcaster himself. Just to name a few.