Open Source Anniversary

As I write these words, the internet’s most beloved Lesbian and former manager of the Grrl Band Goddess Riot Juice is flying over the atlantic on route to Amsterdam. She’s no doubt scrunched into a coach seat, cursing the polyester clad stewardesses, and complaining about the small portions of food. As soon as she lands, she’ll no doubt buy a bag or 20 of stroopwafels and make her way over to my neighborhood. It feels like the night before a big holiday…especially since we’ll have a houseguest and we’ve tried to fill the fridge.

If you’ve never listened to Madge, I don’t know what more to say to you. Some might say it’s an acquired taste, not for the easily offended or those who get caught up on certain words that embarress or challenge the average media language you’re used to hearing. Unless of course you listen to satellite radio or podcasting, then you know better than to get hung up on words.

But I digress, I feel like I’m selling what doesn’t need to be sold. I’m excited to see my friend and run around the city we both love.

Lastly today I got a mass email from Chris Lydon at Radio Open Source, which in the last year put out 200 shows. They’ve added audio comment options to their blog and I fully intend to use that option from now on. Maybe I’ll add one here someday too. Happy Birthday to Open Source, one of the biggest inspirations to me in the podosphere.

**Update — Not sure what the weather is doing in New York, but the flight has been delayed. So the fun begins on Sunday.