Canada goes American

From Europe yesterday to Canada today, I just read the details point by point, of the proposed Canadian budget from the new conservative government. Some might wonder, who are not Canadian, why one should pay attention to such details. Personally I admire Canada very much and think it’s a great example of a well grounded and rounded country, in terms of national and international policies. Therefore I always keep a close eye on the developments there, especially with what could be a big turn in how the country is run.

My initial impression of the budget is not all bad. Probably because there are some priorities and traditions in Canada that will not automatically change just because a new party is in charge. I’m referring specifically to childcare and education, both of which seem to get adequate funding and tax-credits within the text of the budget.

On the other hand, there are quite a few signs that alot of the trademark characteristics of the Red Maple Leaf are being abandoned. In terms of the environment, funding that was supposed to go to climate change issues has been diverted to tax credits for mass transit users. And as much as I love trains, buses and trolleys, there are other areas that require attention in order to reduce greenhouse gases. Also in the budget, a significant boost in military spending, which was perhaps inspired by their neighbors to the south. While healthcare receives no new funding to address problem areas. It may not be the end of the world, but there is definitely cause for alarm if you’re like me and you admire the policies and practices that made Canada the admirable nation that it is today.