She said, I just got back from Colombo

One of today’s graduates gave me a warm greeting today during the ceremony. I noticed her Eastern European skin looking quite tan, and I asked where she’d been. “Sri Lanka,” she said, “not a very good time over there right now.”

At that moment I thought back to the last few years and what has taken place in Sri Lanka, a place I’ve long paid attention to. I thought about the disastrous and destructive civil war that tore the country apart for so long. Then in 2002 there came the peace agreement between the Tamil Tigers and the government. My feeling and my hope was that people were tired of war, and that even the soldiers themselves, on both sides, were ready to seek some other (any other!) means of resolving their conflict.
But it has been a shakey cease-fire, with occasional incidents on both sides. And as she spoke she mentioned the recent escallation of violence and how everyone where she was outside Colombo was talking about it and getting crazy-concerned. It was also interesting to hear the contrast, while a fragile peace agreement is on the brink of falling apart, she was looking for peace and quiet at a Sri Lankan resort… very odd.

Hey and while I’m talking Asia, GOOD NEWS, the Nepalese parliament has re-convened for the first time in 4 years! This sounds like a good step.