Is it that amazing?

Photo Hosted at Buzznet.comWith another graduation for international masters fish about to take place tomorrow, as I sat in the fishtank today there were a few old familiar faces from last year, wandering around. They typically go home to finish their masters thesis, or they go off to Uganda to observe Ugandan underwater basketweaving and by the time I see them again they are expert basket weavers and ready to graduate.

One particular familiar face came up to me in the fishtank and greeted me with the warmest of smiles and kisses. She came back to Amsterdam just for the weekend, to graduate. After that, she told me, maybe it’s back to Uganda or Uzbekistan, or Ulan Bantuur. (refusing to spell check tonight) After I grilled her about what life plans she has, she turned the heat onto me. It went something like this:

“So you’re here, you’re doing well! I mean, it can’t be that bad to be living in Amsterdam after all?”

Me: Yeah. No big deal really, semesters melt into semesters, it hasn’t really been that long.

“No it’s great, you’re still here, it’s amazing.”

Me: Is it? I don’t know. But I did get a boat last week. So life is good.

That’s my snippet for today. Tomorrow we can delve into the anniversary of Chernobyl, the future of Thailand, and maybe a little on how I don’t care if Al Gore re-invents himself, again.

Oh, and a vlog about riding in a Duck is now available on my video blog.