In the Middle of Crowded Train, Im reading Freud

Before getting fully back into Freud’s Civilization and Its Discontents on the insanely crowded trainride back from Brussels, I was catching up on my world news by reading the wonderful courrier international. Among the items that most made me think and inspired me to research further: the Hungarian elections.

I know, I know. It is so often about elections with me and this blog. But you see, it’s not that I like the game, it’s that I worry about the people who hang in the balance depending on the game’s outcome. So I can’t turn away (like so many do!) and say “ooh, I don’t like politics”; it has nothing to do with liking politics, it is all about keeping watch to see what kind of changes are in store for which people of the world.

Anyway so while everyone, including myself, had their eyes glued to the Italian mish-mosh last week that barely managed to push Berlusconi out, Hungary was also having elections. It was only the first round, but the Hungarian Socialist Party came out on top. Which means they’re that much closer to re-electing the Socialist-Liberal coalition that was running the show already.

I’m particularly interested in how life has changed for Hungarians since becoming part of the EU. Obviously I don’t expect magic or people suddenly doing wonderfully, but Im curious if its had any effect. Beyond that, I want to hear from people there.. which is why I’m actively browsing the Hungarian blogosphere and have landed on the excellent blog entitled “Hungarian Accent”.

Of course, I also have a friend who just moved from the US to Budapest. D-rock once visited the fair country. And Ashbloem, I believe, is a hardcore Hungarofile (Magyarfile?). Clearly I’m somewhat connected to the country already.

PS- Its sunday so there is a new vlog post on my vlog, if anyone’s interested. It’s rather simple and without message today.