Friday Night Demonstrations

I was ringing ringing the artist formerly known as frisbee girl’s doorbell last night, as we were set to go catch “Me, You, and Everyone We Know”. As I stood there and the little intercom featured her voice saying — be right down– I noticed three bike cops standing next to me. I looked at each of them and they looked back at me and I said, Hello. They returned the hello. Then 2 scooter cops pulled up, followed by a police car. There they are.. six cops, and more coming down the road. I kept wondering what crime I had committed lately and I was prepared to dial the American embassy’s emergency legal-aid number which is programmed into my phone cause I am convinced I will one day need it.

FG came out and was also surprised at the number of cops. As we walked away she overheard one of their conversations and it had to do with squatter demonstrations. She deduced that squatters were going to demonstrate against all the evictions lately and the general spirit of the government that says — no more squatters, build more fancy housing for wealthy people.

That was basically that. We mused a bit about what a shame it is that police and squatters have such bad relations. I mused about how I should be there with my camera and microphone, but instead I feel the need to see a film with a good friend. Go figure.

Since that hardly seems like alot of breakthru information this evening, I present to you three of my latest photos, part of my celebration of the new Sony Cybershot M2 beauty that I own:

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Muntplein 2