bm118 Nepal: Life, Liberty, and the whims of the King.

Lodged between India and China who perhaps steal the spotlight, Nepal continues to suffer as the King tries to keep a tight grip on citizen rights. Meanwhile Maoist Rebels and Government troops clash in a struggle for power. In between these two forces, you will find the Nepalese people growing increasingly impatient with the behavior of both sides and calling for a return to the democracy they once knew. Dinesh Wagle of United We Blog! For a democratic Nepal is my special guest to talk about these themes and much more.

AudioCommunique #118 (mp3)

Reporters Without Borders on Nepal


Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros- Can Anyone
Rasham Firiri – (I think the song is called Srangi, but Im not sure)
Ani Difranco – Everest

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