bm117 Pursuing Global Peace by Developing Bigger Bombs

During a recent press conference when asked why he wanted to go to war so badly, GW Bush told Helen Thomas that no president wants war. Yet this president, like many before him, encourages the development of new nuclear weapons and conventional weapons that can cause more destruction. Today the military announced new tests in Nevada, of a conventional bomb more powerful than any before it. What message do such developments send to the world, regarding the longterm goals of the nation? How does it effect the growing conflict between the US and Iran?

AudioCommunique #117 (mp3)

Lots of audio from Operation Ivy, the US military experiments developing the H-Bomb.
Guardian Article on the Nevada Tests
Normon Solomon, in 2001
The Downwinders
Senator Harry Reid’s Campaign Contributions

Music –

We Are Scientists – Bomb within a Bomb
Operation Ivy – Bombshell
Streetlight Manifesto – Here’s to Life
Steve Earl – Rich Man’s War
The Stars – Soft Revolution
etc etc