Vlogs that challenge, not just entertain

I realize that many internauts still haven’t gotten into videoblogs. Some believe they take up to much time and too much of one’s attention. (both audio and visual) Others believe they don’t cover anything of interest. Still, I believe it just takes time for the critics to realize the value and the wealth of entertainment, knowledge, and creativity that can be found through the magic of vlogs.

Of course, just like with blogs and podcasts, you have an abundance, nee, an over-abundance of tech related or generall fluff video blogs, like the most popular Rocketboom. Now I watch RB and I give them lots of respect for what they do, but my number one criticism is that they don’t really challenge the audience or address social issues. Once in a blue moon you’ve a report from “africa”, in between all the funny websites and gadgets that apparently the audience goes nuts for.

As a result of this desire to watch vlogs that report about the world and what’s happening to different populations of the world, I recently went on a quest to find vlogs that concern themselves with social justice, poverty, and well – real life problems. Interestingly the two best ones that I have found and am now subscribed to (in my fireant, the best program for watching vlogs) are: Sierra Club TV – Their latest special about Cordova, Alaska and what has happenned to the Prince William Sound since the Exxon spill is nothing less than gripping… frustrating.. something that every high school student should have to watch.

My other recommendation, though not as good, is UNICEF TV, videos from different parts of the world where UNICEF is working to help children in need.

And since Im recommending stuff, let me just highly recommend that you NOT just click on those sites and look, but you actually subscribe to those video feeds using itunes or fireant or whatever program of choice… it’s a much better way to stay informed and better use of your time.