Some Burmese-American Hypocracy

Not that anyone should ever look to Secretary of State Rice or any of her colleagues for statements that mean anything or consistancy in general – but I noticed she was talking about Burma today.

Yeah, you know, Burma… oh I know.. you still remember the good old days of Myanmar, you’re so old school. Oh and you probably still have fond memories of Rangoon as the capital… well that’s just about over. And if you think extra hard, you might recall companies like Unocal, Halliburton, and Chevron; American oil companies (they’re not alone, plenty of European too), doing lot’s of business with the military Junta over the last 20 years.

But I guess that was before the United States government received a message from god that said they should spread freedom everywhere and stop being friends with their old friends who are possibly genocidal murderous dictators, and generally not nice people.

Thing sure are a’changin, cause today I read Condoleezza’s speech where she says:

“So long as the proud people of this great nation remain oppressed, there can be no business as usual in Southeast Asia”

No business as usual? Well Well. What about the usual business and all your friends who profit? Are you going to suddenly turn your back on them? Impressive!

Sorry, suddenly I started talking directly to Condi instead of just, about her. Here’s an interesting related PBS-NOW report as well as an old Nation article that might point out some hope. I mean, besides our champion of global justice secretary of state.