Essential Insight on Manipulating Citizens

Riding my bike past the zoo (artis) and towards the economics faculty of the U of Amsterdam, with visions of baklava in my head, I was listening to my usual lineup of podcasts. Australia’s Radio National has long been a source of great journalism for me, but what I heard today was much more important than their usual reports. Therefore I had to write this up.

Lots of people probably feel bamboozled, confused, frustrated or lost when it comes to the actions of the American government and generally speaking, how many actually supported them (this government, this party, etc) in the past. It is no doubt not a simple thing to break down or grasp, which explains why lots of people will just tune it out, or just be bitter in their own silent way. But I strongly suggest, hell, I demand you listen to this latest Background Briefing program on the psychological strategy and reasoning that advisors told the Bush administration to use in order to get public support for attacking and invading Iraq. You will hear it directly from the very people who developed the theories and this report is actually the key to understanding what has happenned that has so scarred American and world politics for probably the next 50 years. Go listen, learn, understand.