En Route to Portugal Again

Tick toc, tick toc, clocks are my enemy and in a matter of hours – poof, I’m off to Lisbon to see my people, my grandparents, my motherland. It’s always an exciting feeling to step out of that airport, as you stare out past the taxi stand, you can see down to the former site of Expo ’98, and more importantly – the great Tagus river. Oh the flashbacks to my old life in Lisbon are starting as always! Internet access will be inconsistant, but I know all the wi-fi nooks and tricks, so I will find you dear readers. And there will, of course be podcasting.

Before I get back to packing things I won’t use, I want to refer to some important things:

    1 – Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I spoke briefly with Steph in Sweden about it. I don’t really like the idea to be honest. Why the hell isn’t every day women’s day? Myself, I honor and cherish my ladies at work, home, and in my social life. International Women’s Day? Is that the best you’ve got? L A M E.

    2 – Radio Open Source is on a role as always. To get a real idea about what Dubai is about, listen to the Dubai special. And then let your literary mind travel and listen to how they take the Brownie NOLA saga and make it into a theater piece.

    3 – And lastly, a map, so you can travel with me.