bm114 Freud, Luntz, and the longterm effects of political manipulation

There’s lots of talk about how the Bush Admin’s policies are a distaster, and how the approval ratings are at an alltime low, and it is almost assumed that there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a u-turn in policy and representation.
But is that really true? Do these policies and worldviews stop with the downfall of one person or one administration? I rehash Freud’s views on people’s irrationality and place them alongside the theories of Bush’s prized pollster Frank Luntz, who crafted the lexicon for making people believe in the invasion of Iraq and the government plan.

AudioCommunique #114 (mp3)


REM – World Leader Pretend
Immortal Technique – Industrial Revolution
Phil Ochs – The War is Over
The Slackers – Power
Vashti Bunyan – Here Before

Much of the audio courtesy of ABC radio national.