bm108 Costa Rica, the Latin American Exception

While much of Latin America has clearly turned to the political left in the last few years, Costa Rica continues to be a nation that does things their own way. With all the hype surrounding hi-tech industry and eco-tourism, what’s in store for Costa Rica following these elections? Taylor Kirk of the LatinAmericanist blog joins me to talk about one of her favorite places.

AudioCommunique #108 (mp3)


El Guato – Linda Costa Rica
(Cant remember the artist) -Como Se Baila la Cumbia
Maria Esther Zamora, Polito Gonzalez, Jorge Lobos, Cuti Asse, Roberto Lindl – Chipi Chipi

Also: My condolences to the Accordion Guy, Joey Devilla, his father passed away over the weekend.


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