A-Ren Development Log

It has been quite some time since I last wrote about the cross-atlantic star of my family; the champion of potty training; the sultan of using sticks to drum on things; my toddler nephew who will one day read this weblog and laugh: A-Ren.

Mom told me to go check out the private photo stash online, and what followed was a mix of uncontrollable smiling and near tears of joy at seeing how our boy has changed since I last saw him in December. He’s using one of those toddler poty things and sitting on the bowl while reading the latest issue of the NATION no doubt. Or maybe it’s muppet nation… also an under-rated publication.

The best is hearing my mom and dad describe all his latest phrases and to-cute-to-be-legal reactions to situations. (you can bet my brother has tons of these) Apparently the other morning, grandpa the babysitter was sitting at the kitchen table with an orange, apple, kiwi, and a banana, and the two were eying them carefully. Eventually the elder Rendeiro would hold up the orange and ask his understudy – what’s this? (or sometimes, como é que se chama) to which A-Ren eagerly responds ORANGE! Being the next generation of billingualists in the family, he frequently responds in Portuguese too.

As the absentee virtual uncle, I did what any good uncle would do. I started plotting a last minute trip to the US which I neither have time for nor can I afford. I got over it soonafter, hence this post.

A-Ren if you’re reading this and it’s the year 2011, this is just a little reminder of the wonders of your development as a unique and special human being, who will no doubt save the earth like Flash Gordon did back in the 80’s. If you’ve no idea who that is, look up the band Queen and give them a listen… just don’t tell your friends.

Hmm, I got derailed. I think that’s it for this A-Ren development report. The overall evaluation gets an A for Adorable. Oh and I know it’s shallow, but I’ve seen lots of my own baby pictures, and he looks like me with blonde hair. If he starts asking about Wi-Fi and recording audio, lookout world.