Vacations Scare off Readers

…. that’s the crux of one of the conversations we the bloggers have been having over the past few days. John says whenever he goes on trip somewhere, the less people read or comment. Tony has observed similar. Is it a coincidence? Maybe people don’t like to hear about nice places and how good life can sometimes seem when you leave your reality for a while and go live in another reality. Maybe some people don’t like reading my blog because I live in a picturesque place all year round? Nevermind this meta-talk, let’s move on to a recommendation.

I’ve been very actively seeking blogs from countries that I feel are under-represented in western media. Earlier this week I mentioned one from the Philippines, today I want to sing the praises of a blog from Liberia entitled “Liberia Stories.” I’m growing increasingly fond of this modest blog which is a wealth of snapshots and daily life snippets from Monrovia. While you may go through your average day never thinking about what’s happening in Liberia, it is still a special place, like many special places in the world, that deserve the quality of life, respect, and attention that we give to any other country. Gone are the days of being “too far” from a country to not be able to find out what’s happening there – search for it – it’s somewhere on the internet, for you to increase your knowledge and awareness of the world you live in.

Go forth… explore technorati