Send Your ‘Dam Bloggers

You wouldn’t have to dig very far into my archives to find a story about how I enjoyed meeting another blogger or podcaster in person. I would probably write quite a bit about how often it seems like we’re old friends who have known each other for ages. And while last weekend I got to spend time with some very fun bloggers and friends, the second half of this week has brought 2 bloggers to Amsterdam that it is an even greater pleasure to lead around town.

Not only does it give me a chance to visit spots I haven’t stopped at in ages, it is a terrific source of brainfood/inspiration. Spending time with the likes of a blogger I’ve been reading for a few years – Tony Pierce of the Busblog, and a blogger who I have only very recently been reading – John Aravosis of Americablog.

I sometimes stop and look around during our conversations on the street, in restaurants, as the squat bar, checking to see if anyone else notices how elaborate and involved our discussions are. From the american political system, to addictive television shows, and from blogging to idiosyncracies of a city like this one – we cover it all, as only bloggers would.

Tomorrow I’m looking to lead a little bike tour through one of my two favorite neighborhoods, during which I’m sure we’ll discuss a wealthof topics that will shock the neighbors. Normally I’m a person of routines, even on my day off – Friday. But over the past few days I’ve simply forgotten my routine and replaced it with the enjoyment wandering the town with curious visitors. And of course, blogging made it possible.

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