In the Streets of Bangkok

Now that late night TV no longer features the giant slalom, snowboarding downhill, curling, or any other winter olympics for that matter, I take in an extra dosage (to add to my already busting at the seems media diet) of BBC world in the evening. Last night I was quite taken by the images out of Thailand, of people in the streets of Bangkok, demanding that the prime minister step down.

It is a beautiful thing when people get together in the thousands in front of important buildings and collectively, peacefully, make their presence felt and demand action from representatives that no longer represent them. It reminds me of the Ukraine only a few years ago. Or when they chased the representatives out of parliament in Georgia not to long ago. Or what I think SHOULD have taken place in Baghdad without bombs and guns; people linked arm and arm marching in overwhelming numbers, despite the dangers.

I’m still researching to see if it’s a potential show topic and who the guest would be, but thus far, it is clear that multimillionaire prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra could certainly be involved in some very corrupt and illegal policy decisions that favor his own telecom companies. In some ways he reminds me of a certain Italian leader. But nevermind that, my eyes are fixed on Bangkok, in hopes that the corruption will be investigated and exposed, and a more competant and capable representative will be elected to take his place.