February Feedbag

It has been awhile since I last gave some credit to the great and dedicated comment leavers on this weblog. And naturally there are plenty of gems that I’m going to repost here and share will all of you… specially since I’m exhausted from 3 days of non-stop guiding 30 or so American exchange students through their first few days in Amsterdam. Oh the questions…. the neverending questions… I forget what a confusing place Amsterdam could be to some. Anyway, here come the comment highlights:

Ectropy on the Democrats present at the State of the Union address:

Yeah like they should’ve worn a t-shirt that says “2245 Dead. How many more?” Under their suits and then opened their jackets when they got into the speech. Oh wait, they would’ve been arrested. What a coincidence that the police dropped charges. Guess Bushie got his wish of having Sheehan out of the SOTU.

Aaron W, on the Saddam trial:

About Saddam, International courts are just a glorified conduit for victors justice. There are plenty of people who deserve to be taken to court for committing the same types of crimes as those Saddam is no doubt guilty of.
I’m a big fan of Romanian style “overthrow the dictator, drag him out of the palace to a waiting ‘court’, where you can instantly sentance and execute him.” It is impossible to fairly judge a head of state through any type of “process”, if you are going to have a puppet court you might as well make it quick and efficient and get on with it.

LeMarie on the electoral success of Hamas:

Thanks for pointing out the hypocracy that erupted after the Hamas victory. It seems as if some people do not understand what democracy means. The Palestinian people voted for the party they wanted and they won. That’s how the voting thing works. Doesn’t matter if you(non-Palestinians) don’t like the party, it’s what the people want. The world is acting like democracy is only ok when the “right” people win. I say, good for you Palestinians! I wish you the best with everything you do, because we(the West) should not be allowed to impose our ideologies on you.

The great Sarah on what deserves a Wikipedia entry:

i still want to know– how much buzz does a person need to get into wikipedia?

Of course there are plenty more, but these are my choices for tonight, naturally i love you all and you certainly don’t have to agree with me.. .ever. And here’s a videoblog of my bedroom coverage of the State of the Union address.