Checking in with Brooklynzoo

If you search the 2004 archives of this here blog, you’ll certainly come across the name Torontonienne, or as she would later be introduced into the blogosphere – Brooklynzon. And if you read through those posts from back then, you’ll recognize that she and I were fast friends and shared many an adventure in this fair city. But, as it always goes in Amsterdam, things change, people follow their calling which often requires a change of scenery. And so Brooke moved on to Berlin where she has taken to things like a fish to water.

How do I know that? Well it’s more of an assumption really. Being an urban butterfly, Berlin would logically fit well with her. And so tonight we had one of our occasional skype calls and asked each other questions about life and what’s going on. One thing for sure, our Torontonienne is going places. Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, and others, to be more specific. Sounds exciting to me. I’d better get myself over to Berlin before she sets sail, cause who better to wander the town with, then a fun and well-informed urban scientist.

Now back in the day, lots of people knew and loved her blog. And despite it’s retirement, there is most definitely a website of her photos and of course, where people still flood her with comments, her buzznet page. (now with video!)

Well… there you have it. Odd how time passes, things change, and people move.