bm106 WTO Force Feeds Europe

With the recent announcement by the World Trade Organization which finds the Europe Union at fault for stopping Genetically Modified Food from entering its markets, what will happen now? Who benefits if things continue this way and who is at risk? Where do national laws and policies fit in against the backdrop of WTO conclusions?

AudioCommunique #106 (mp3)


The forthcoming ruling on GMOs
The reasons for the EU strategy
Governments and Biotech of US, Canada, and Argentina rejoice
Consumer opinions within the EU
Growth and Demand of Organic
Guardian Article
Quotes from notable people
Future for GMO’s and governmental shift to the right.
Brief comment on the Ports Issue


G.Love – Milk and Cereal
Ben Folds 5 – Prison Food
Merle Haggard – Farmers Daughter
Dead Kennedys – Soup is Good Food
Feist – Let it Die