bm104 Cheney’s Cronies

This is a very sloppy background into who Cheney was hunting with and what connections they have and the ethical questions involved. Also it’s an analysis of how the press has focused on the talking points and the smaller points instead of asking hard questions about how Cheney hides things from the public and illegally secures contracts and jobs for his friends.

AudioCommunique #104 (mp3)


This didn’t turn out as I intended.. hard to draw conclusions
White House Press is putting pressure but on the wrong issues
Hilarious Press conference on the shooting
Who are the members of the VP’s hunting club… and who are they connected to
The question of Halliburton

A brief message and song in memory of Gussie


Gil Scott-Heron – WashingtonDC
Jurassic 5 – High Fidelity
Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns, and Money
Billy Bragg – Red Flag
Clash – Im so bored with the USA
Death Cab for Cutie – What Sarah Said

show on the ship breaking industry of India, this weekend…