bm102 Al Lewis and Your Tax Money

My tribute to Grampa Al Lewis, a man who made me more aware of the world around me. In this program I pick apart the US Federal Budget.

AudioCommunique #102 (mp3)

On the Agenda:
Al Lewis Passed Away – A little on him
The Budget – Anyone can and should read through it
Budget Watchdog OMB
Washington Post Article
SIPRI’s information on Military Spending worldwide
What are the real priorities this budget reveals?
Short Term Cuts, Long Term Cuts
Hiding Defence Spending in Other Budgets
etc. etc.

Al Lewis intro
Specials – Bonediggin
NOFX – Murder the Government
Immortal Thought – The Poverty of Philosophy (and I mixed in samples of the budget press conference)
2-Pac – MilitaryMinds
Dead Kennedys – Government Flu