Bloggers Go Dutch

Despite the fact that its Saturday night and we all know people don’t read as many blogs on the weekend since you’re not pretending to do work at work, as you normally are; I wanted to report about the big to-do here in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow we talk philippinesA group of prominent US bloggers are in town on a Holland Tourism sanctioned trip, a few of which I read, a few of which I’ve heard of, and some of whom I may never read. And so when the democrats abroad organized a little seminar/informal chat this afternoon, naturally I turned up. Primarily because I wanted to meet she behind Majikthise in person, as I’ve sporadically read that blog for the past few years. I was also curious about the other guests some of which were very familiar names, if I started to name them now your eyes would start to burn and your mouse hand would cramp up.

Anyway not that you need to know the entire content of the discussion, but it was mostly about US politics and the democratic party versus the republican party. Or wait.. maybe it was the liberal versus the conservative blogosphere? Who knows… I normally get bored with all those bloggers who everyone refers to as the best. Plus I despise both the republican and the democratic party in general, my apologies to the 10% of democrats in congress that actually have a spine and some progressive ideas in their aging brains. I guess for that reason alone it was good for me to listen and not just dismiss everything as I normally do if left to my own devices. And in the end, people like Ezra Klein and Amanda of Pandagon had plenty of interesting things to say and defended their viewpoints well.

Mañana I’m leading a few bloggers around the Jordaan and Prinseneiland, it’s the bicyclemark reality tour… some of you may have taken it before. History as I remember it.