Wikipedia in my crosshairs

Now they’ve gone too far. Wikipedia deleted the entry about me as well as my blog and podcast. I’m extremely disappointed. This time it’s personal. I recently wrote to wikipedia and asked to speak with a rep for one of my future programs; to discuss the work and future of the resource. But now this happens, I’m very angry.

If you go to wikipedia and look up my full name, you find nothing. Unless you search hard, then you find a editing comment that includes the words “vanity post”. Vanity post? Fuck you wikipedia. YES, I started the post about myself, my work, and my life. Why the hell should that be a violation of any policy? The idea behind my actions was to document the things I’ve done and am doing. Same goes for my online publishing work. I wanted to have it all in writing, archived in what I’ve long thought was a great resource. And they delete me? Fuck you wikipedia. I do not understand where your project is going, and increasingly, I find the management tactics are terrible, intrusive, and unreasonable. If you were really open source, this would have never happened.

Wikipedia beware, you and temp agencies are now my two arch-enemies

UPDATE (an hour later) As Andrew D referred to in the comments, they actually frown upon editors writing pages about themselves. Read the policy. I read it and I understand the text but I still think its crap and Im still disappointed that my podcast was also removed. Feel free to click here and go to WIkipedia and describe my blog and podcast to those jerks.

NEXT DAY UPDATE: Some of ye kind readers created entries for both me and podjournalism! thank you. Oddly enough, they have both been tagged by wikipedia idiots for potential deletion! The war continues.