Surprises While in Belgium

I guess I’m a small time internet celebrity. Maybe not. But in my daily life, it sure feels like it. things happen, people get in touch, do things for me, connect with me…. its a crazy feeling. Kind of like a walking on air, I can do anything type of feeling. Which is amazing cause I don’t even know how Im going to afford health insurance this year, nevermind fighting the forces of evil in the world.

But nevermind that. I’m in Brussels doing a post-christmas visit, which means I’ve acquired some lovely and practical gifts, and I get to run around discussing important issues in French most of the day. – Mais di donc! – So instead of writing any further, I shall present to you a series of links that have somehow instersected with my offline and online life:

Ditta called
from somewhere in the amazon. Apparently they’ve chopped down most of the trees and they have internet cafes equipped with skype.

Gil of BeligumFM sent word that he was coming to Amsterdam for the day, both through his podcast and email, turns out we switched locations at the wrong time.

Emmanuel from 2600, who barely knows I exist but I love and help support his radio show, was actually in amsterdam for a night on his way back from the Kaos Communication Conference. unfortunately I heard that podcast just as his plane was arriving back at JFK.

arrived in Amsterdam tonight. After many a month back in Mini-Soda. To say that I’ve missed alot her would be an understatement.

this is all very cosmic…