Purely For Firefoxes

As tonight’s podcast is still in the research process, this one is purely technical, but since you’re all reading this via the internetS, I recommend you read on.

First I hope you’re using firefox for your webbrowsing. I consider it the online equivalent of using a very comfortable and pretty condom, before you go surfing the filthy web. But nevermind that metaphor….

I recently found the time, as the Dutch winter encourages lots of spare time indoors, to look through firefox add-ons. Now don’t turn away from this post just yet, some of these are extremely useful and downright beautiful. Here come my top 4:

Colorful Tabs – You’ll be the envy of your office mates. Assuming you use tabs in your browser, this makes each tab a different color! It’s easy on the eyes and helps you see seperate tabs next to one another.

Delicious Toolbar – It is soo conveniant for your site bookmarking and article clipping to have a button right at the top of the screen to TAG and consult your Delicious links. Especially for podjournalists like yours truely.

1-Click Weather – Less well known than forecastfox, right on your bottom status bar, or wherever you choose, its cool to see the weather for today, tonight, and tomorrow; even if it is always clouds in Amsterdam.

Gmail Manager – Not only a email notifier in your bottom left hand corner, this will actually check multiple gmail accounts. It even has a little label to tell which address received mail.

Now I realize many of you don’t want to change your browsing habits or your browser. But I don’t care, if you don’t look into some of these you’re missing out on a world of internet convenience, fun, and possibility.