bm99 Behind Wikipedia

By now you’ve probably heard about or consulted wikipedia to seek information and answers to life’s questions. But what do you know about the collaborative encyclopedia? What about the rules and the people working behind the scenes, how do they manage or not-manage the content that can so often be contreversial or simply vandalized. Im joined in this program by wikipedia editor and administrator David Gerard, as we discuss how wikipedia really works, and what the future holds for information as well as news reporting from wikimedia.

AudioCommunique #99(mp3)

Updates on Hamas, Canadian Elections, GI Jane
News Item – US Military Using Tactic of Kidnapping Suspected Terrorists’ Wives
On the line from London, David Gerard
The orgins of Wikipedia
Wikipedia as Compared the Traditional Encyclopedia
Wikinews – a place for citizen journalists?
Taking out the Garbage
The George W. Bush page – the stalemate
The Bicyclemark’s Communique Entry – explained
Implications for school children
The Future

Slackers – Information Error
Paco Ibañez – Villancico

Off to Rotterdam, where Im going to meet one of the YesMen today! (I hope)