bm97 Oh Canadian Elections

Canada’s biggest elections in a decade are days away. Many predict the conservatives will take control and push a very American-Republican type agenda. Others say it’s too close to call. I’m joined on this program by one of Toronto’s most beloved bloggers the Accordion Guy – Joey Devilla, and then from Victoria, British Columbia, blogger and journalist Sean Holman of PublicEyeOnline.

AudioCommunique #97(mp3)


Who’s predicted to win
Will and Can Conservatives reverse policies on the environment, gay marriage, foreign policy, etc.
What about the small parties?
The local picture in Toronto and Vancouver specifically.
And much more.

Canadian Music:
Stars – Romantic Comedy (Heart)
Metric – Poster of a Girl (Live it Out)
Rush – Tom Sawyer (Exit Stage Left) (yes Im serious)

I’m off to Germany for the weekend to ski for the first time in my life.