bicyclemark95: The Transition from Terrorism to Politics

FIXED*Lots of people won’t want to hear the comparisons or the logic behind this program. This show presents the history and current state of 3 political parties which are related to an infamous terrorist group. The idea is that there is evidence that such parties, if engaged and allowed to be involved in the political scene, can help to reduce violence, and tranform the fight to a nonviolent political struggle. There three parties I focus on: Sinn Fein, Batasuna, and Hamas. Spare me the comments that just insult, bring me real discussion and counterpoints.

AudioCommunique #95(mp3)
32min+, 80kbps, 18Mb+


Emmanuel on Off the Wall
The importance of history for the future
Sinn Fein, from its orgins to its present state
Batasuna, from party to outlaw
Hamas, at the crossroads of terrorism and politic-ing
For all its faults, politics can reduce violence
Comparisons for other groups in other countries?
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Gil Scott-Heron – Free Will
Imogen Heap – Just for Now
Steve Earle – Jerusalem
Dave Mathews – Wake Up
Leonard Cohen – Thats no way to say goodbye
Some Protestant and Catholic songs from Northern Ireland songs from the BBC archive note– in the show I mistakenly call them old IRA songs… apologies.