bicyclemark94: Coal, Money, and Politicians – Making Profits of Death and Corruption

This program looks into not only what happened at the Sago coal mine in West Virginia, it examines and scrutinizes the record of International Coal and other mining companies, the state government and regulatory agencies, and the senate and white house relationship with these companies. The point is to understand why such accidents happen, and to demand better from all parties involved, not just sentimental fluff and reports without hard questions.

AudioCommunique #94(mp3)
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Links of use:

The video with the coal miners son
Hoovers Business info
Open Secrets
Washington Post article
Pedals and Politics

Beautiful Music on this one:

Billy Bragg and Joe Strummer – Junco Partner
Mother Judge – Dream of a Coalminer’s Daughter
Ralph Stanley and Dwight Yokum – Coal Miner’s Prayer
Billy Joel – Allentown
Woody Guthrie – The Dying Coal Miner
Uncle Tupelo – Coalminers