bicyclemark93: Chilean Elections and Social inSecurity

FIXED – I’m joined from Chilé by Brad from Willing, one of the most dynamic new videobloggers out there. We discuss the upcoming elections and their significance for the country, the region, and hey – the world.
I also break down the good and the bad of the private social security system there with help from lots of academics, journalists, and economists.

AudioCommunique #93(mp3)
41min+, 80kbps, 24Mb+

In the discussion I refer to:

Elections, Round 2
Bachelet vs. Piñera, the clash of two social movements
The income gap and free trade
The effects of the private pension system on the Chilean economy
The model for other nations?
The unsustainable debt of the system

Music and Sound:

Victor Jara – Te Recuerdo Amanda
Salvador Allende – Ultimo Discurso
Isabel Allende – from an audio archive CD I found in the US
Tiro de Gracia – El Juego Verdadero
Omara Portuondo – A Salvador Allende en Su Combate por la Vita
Antony and the Johnsons – Spiralling