The Horror in Harbin

Hello I’m in New Jersey… and actually i did not have a pleasant flight and it seems the entire airline industry is one big ball of nerves and Im seriously going to save some loot so I can take a container ship from Rotterdam next time. Flying is a torturous ordeal these days, it is as if air-travel has taken 100 steps backwards since the dawn of this fake-ass war on terrorism. But I’ll address that in my first US recorded podcast tomorrow.

fortunately I grabbed a Guardian on my way onto the plane, and poured over the stories coming out of China. Besides the fact that militia opened fire on demonstrators who didn’t want the government to put a polluting coal power plant in their town, I read alot more on Harbin, a city that has been poisoned by the Chinese government and the petrol industry there.

It’s incredibly sad to watch china grow at this crippling pace that leaves so many people cast aside, forgotten, killed, and poisoned. The push to be this supercapitalist, consumer state, seems like one big ball of destruction. and if you live in Harbin, all you know is you can’t drink the water because the tap has been turned off and even if it weren’t your water supply is toxic and your government knew this could happen, but doesn’t care, like so many governments out there.