Strike Strike Strike Say the Transit Workers

I love a good strike. Not so much when I need to take a train or a bus somewhere, but still- I love a good strike. And as of right now, supposedly, the NYC Transit workers are on strike. Now many of you might say –boo, i have to get to work/school! But please, won’t you join me in celebrating one of the last labor unions in the country that still has some goddam pull around here!

I’m telling you, it’s exciting, you just have to look at it from a different point of view. Nevermind that its raining, icing outside right now, and nevermind that its that silly pagan holiday coming up and you need that pay check to buy the kiddies their pine tree for the living room. Ignore all those seemingly earth shattering things, and marvel at the power of people’s collective power when they are organized. I love it! Hell, I wish I could be a transit worker for a day, cause you must feel truely alive when you stand up to the authorities, risking everything because you demand certain standards and respect. I even heard there’s a law that says transit workers can’t strike? Psshhhaw, if every transit worker stands arm-in-arm on the streets of NYC, they could never arrest you all. Hmm.. unless they call you terrorists, then they can just shoot you and ask questions later.

So after meeting with Michael and Jamie at what was allegedly my listener/reader meetup in the village, we had some dinner at Yaffa’s, discussed vital social issues (and stuff), and we each headed towards our designated underground transport. As the PATH train took me back to New Jersey and the wonderous Hoboken train station, I kept wondering how Jamie and other New Yorkers would react to the transit strike. Somehow I doubt they’ll be as big a cheerleader as I am, sleeping in and watching it all unfold on the internet.

JUST WOKE UP UPDATE: A limited strike? Whats this world coming to? Joe Hill is turning over in his grave…. limited strike… @^%#$^#.