Return to Amsterdam Pending

24 hours from now I’ll be back to full on blogging about world affairs, injustice, and the occasional story of flying discs. (oh how I miss playing frisbee) As you’ll read about over at Ms. Thingk’s blog, Brooklyn’s internet diva came to New Jersey for some down home Portuguese-American christmas rituals. My family was thrilled to have a guest and I think secretly thrilled that I actually brought a girl home regardless of our relationship to one another. Oh and I also noticed quite a few people assumed she was full-on-just-arrived Dutch simply for her Dutch looks and the fact that she was with me. Fun.

And so I’ve been enjoying catching up with Yeast Radio and Open Source, and I must saying I’m missing my daily podcast listening routine which has been ruined by my so-called vacation. Now I look forward to heading back, seeing my darling Amsterdam, and taking a vacation from my vacation. New Jersey is where I was born and raised, its where my family and countless love one’s reside, but my heart is still in the Netherlands, and you’ve got to follow that most important organ… right?