Counting Down to New Jersey

Scuse me while I don’t blog about world affairs today:

4 more days and I’ll say to hell with all these little jobs I’ve taken over the past 5 months that have completely kicked my ass and left with a constant feeling of “you should be working on that job right now.” It’s 1AM and I just finished some thing for Hine-A-Ken. I mention them by name cause they never told me not to blog about it and it ain’t anything anyone would be interested in, I promise. But hey… hooray for beer I guess. – For all those who dream of going into exile, I still say do it, but never forget that earning the Euros is tricky.

As I read the wonderful knitting-extraordinaire, Ashbloem, today, she spoke of snow, amongst other things. They have snow in Boston. And then in correspondance with Brain of J, I learned Jersey is expecting some snow storm thingy. Now I’m not turning into a blog that talks about the weather or what I ate for breakfast, but I do love when the snow reaches the East Coast, especially in bitter cold yet never-cold-nuff Amsterdam, where we never get enough snow, for my taste.

Fortunately for me I’m headed to New Jersey, THIS FRIDAY, the 9th of December. Where I’ll be spending time with la familia, especially the A-Ren. I’ll also be visiting with all of YOU, for those who are my east coast readers. There will be a Bicyclemark meetup in the East Village, St. Mark’s Place at the St. Mark’s Ale House, right next to Cooper Square and my former love – the village voice. I’m not sure of the day and time yet, but since we’ve got the comment box, leave a comment as to your preferred day and time, anyday before xmas would be best.

Speaking of the Village Voice, those hipsters have finally completely embraced blogging for their staff. Only trouble is, they censor their comments like it’s Tunesia over there. either that or they just don’t want any from a former slave of theirs. I tried to comment on the NYU graduate assistant strike post by the great Tom Robbins (the journalist not the writer.. er.. wait.. yeah), but they’re not having it. Jerks.

Oh and the great 26th birthdate is this Saturday… the amazon wishlist is here if that’s your thing. Ignore the fancy electronic devices. Hopefully they deliver the stuff to New Jersey and not AMS. Alternatively you can leave me a tip in the paypal jar located to the left. And of course you can simply not give me anything, cause if you think about it, your presence here is already a gift.