California Murders Proudly

Stare at this photo. Picture it… think about it… the lethal injection.. the solution so many Americans (and lots of people in other countries too!) see to the issue of crime. Stare at it – it is done in your name. In our name. Doesn’t matter what your nationality, you’re human, and these are follow humans who carry out this practice.

Did you stare at it? I have. I keep looking at it. The last phonecall they make will be to rich Austrian-American who a few years ago decided he should be governor and make such decisions about whether people should live or die. Apparently he can be trusted to make the right decisions. He spent a few days reading the case, and he’s now qualified to decide if the case of a prisoner on death row was fair or not. Even though everywhere there is evidence that the cases are anything but fair and properly carried out. Case after case have appeared where lawyers and judges and trials were botched and flawed, and yet they keep killing people anyway, believing they’ve carried out justice.

In a few hours.. this room will once again be occupied. Humans will strap another human to the chair. They will insert poison into that humans body and end his life. They do this because we have accepted this practice, we allow it to go on. We go out for coffee tonight and laugh at television programs, while a man is injected with poison, and people watch from behind the glass. The whole world watches this, and they think – “I don’t understand that country.” Of course, we don’t understand this country either. Yet another murder is being carried out in my name, and I hate it and I will carry the blood of Tookie Williams on my hands forever.