Brotherly Love Spilleth Over

Blamo – I’m in Philly. Blogging probably reads like teleportation. Amsterdam – beep beep beep – New york – beep beep beep – AC beep beep beep Philly.

What’s going on in Philly? I wouldn’t know.. I’m mostly indoors finishing work from Amsterdam that followed me here in my beloved powerbook. But I can tell you it’s loverly in this town. I think Jamie recently said to me: Philly is the new Brooklyn, meaning this place is becoming a destination for young hipsters yearning to leave swamps of Florida or the corn fields of Nebraska. For those who long to wear knitted scarves, corduroy blazers, and argyl socks. Oh wait, I just described all my friends and old professors.

The Leah, who’s café Im currently sitting in as the Death Cab plays on the stereo, said to me on the bike ride over here, that philly reminds her of Amsterdam in different ways. I never felt that in my brief visits, so I’m taking extra long looks at everything, trying to see it through her eyes and then visualizing the DAM. Slowly I can see some of what she’s talking about: Last night, after ice skating with some of the most beautiful ladies I’ve seen all vacation (no offense all ye other lady friends of mine), I marvelled at the fact that we rode away, all 6 of us, on bike! A peleton in Philadelphia, and we’re not even Team Discovery Channel. We then met up with other hilarious and wonderful guys and femeninas at an ice cream parlour. Thats right.. ice skating and ice cream, these people are either alternative to the bone, or secretly 10 years old inside.

Whatever the reasons they’re here, the people I’ve met here in Philly (Nocoin’s friends) are different in a great way. I wouldn’t call them MY PEOPLE as Im forever an outsider, especially living so far away. Still, they’re great, and I repeat: attractive, well-rounded individuals with a sense of community. Whether its brotherly love or sisterly love you seek, come to philly my friends, bm recommends.