Blogs Always Beat CNN

Trying desperately to stop watching Rocky V which was on the Dutch television this evening, I flipped to CNN (seeking to be entertained rather than informed). Sure enough, I look at the screen and its the very video Daily Kos and Madge Weinstein pointed out almost a week ago; the one with the Aegis military contractors driving around Iraq shooting civilians to a soundtrack. The lame news anchor was trying to convince we the viewers that this was breaking news.

This incident re-enforced what many of us already know, but a majority of the world still doesn’t: blogs are increasingly more dynamic, more informative, and faster to disseminate info than any CNN or FOX ever is. A good blog post or podcast or videoblog when its quickly put online, with background links, and honest presentation, even if the author admits to not knowing all the information that goes with it — it is still far more useful then this crap they push on us via television. And you can bet Aegis, the US military, and others, are all scrambling and stumbling to explain their murderous, criminal ways…. credit to the bloggers.

Speaking of idiocy and deception, the money pit that the US congress has quietly funded with billions, once again failed. Missile defence, what a stupid, wasteful, and dangerous project.