bicyclemark86: The Malawi Show

The first ever skype call to the continent of Africa on my show, we speak with Jesse the LoungeChicken, blogger and global citizen, about the country where he lives: Malawi.

AudioCommunique #86(mp3)
43min+, 80kbps, 24Mb+


I have 24 hours left before its time to fly, so Im keeping notes to a minimum;
Robert Fisk on journalism opens – a fantastic blog that Jesse and co. write
How he got from New Jersey to Malawi
His house staff
The Famine in Malawi
Race and Class in Malawi
The Health System and Fight against Aids
Bloggers in Malawi
The future of vlogging and media

Music includes:
Zap Mama – African Sunset
Specials – Pressure Drop
Sweet Honey and the Rock – (i cant remember)
Ed Mecija – Beautiful Friend. (A great artist I met on myspace)
Stars – Elevator Love Song