bicyclemark85: CIA Prisons and Torture Airlines

Radio Journalist and Blogger Peter Gentle joins me from Warsaw, to discuss the talk about CIA gulags and where these prisons might and might not be. We also get into the role of Europe has a landing pad for the torture flights, etc.

AudioCommunique #85(mp3)
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The Beatroot – blogjournalism
Radio Polonia
unnamed sources and the washingtonpost
Not in Poland, but could be anywhere – especially Baku
torture flights
EU will try to do something, but will it result?
Poland’s Role in the War and their Dependency on the US
Intolerance for freedom and openess at home vs. tolerance for torture and killing abroad

oh and I recommended Saskia Nation and Radio Clash – the Anniversary Show


Outlandish – Guantamo
Boards of Canada – (some background tune)
Jets to Brazil – air traffic control
Vinicius Cantuaria – India