Update and Terrible News from Afghanistan

Brief update from yesterday; the Summit ended in a cloud of shame, disagreement, and protest. I give full credit to the people on the streets of Tunis, especially considering that could be kidnapped and beaten to death by local police.

And then there’s Afghanistan, where people keep dying amidst the typical chaos of post-western-invasion conditions. Earlier this week I noticed the German troop deaths. Tonight I read about the Portuguese deaths. Obviously I believe neither army should even BE THERE to begin with. The Portuguese and German governments should be held accountable as both countries are overwhelmingly against this farse of a war on terrorism, and yet they ignore the will of their citizens while stationing their young people in a war zone with no sign of resolution in sight.

Meh… its friday night and I wanted to write about non war related stuff. But with all the death and destruction orchestrated by national armies all over the world, there’s simply too much to talk about.

Oh and read me on Americunt today as well…