Turfurkia Nederland

I’d love to talk shop, but here in the Amsterdam the international community is actually very into Turkey Day festivities. For myself the marathon begins today with Thanksgivin dinner at Toronto’s most famous chef in exile’s home. Canadian, and yet he’s cookin up a storm in honor of the great myth that pilgrims and native americans actually sat down and had food together.

Mañana its some mysterious thanksgivin day-2 action with a whole collection of americans who I don’t know. It’s always fun to attend an expat dinner when you know hardly a soul, plus I heard it’s catered and all I’ve got to do is bake a pumpkin pie. Incedently, thanks to the help of my darling, the artist formerly known as frisbee girl, I can hereby bake a pumpkin pie. It’s not gluten free, but she and I had a grand ol’ time bakin one up for the festivus, and we’ll soon expand to pecan.

To round it all off it’s Tofurkey at crazy doctor M’s apartment on Saturday night. I hear it’s a POT-LUCK which in this town, makes perfect sense.

It may pale in comparison to the wonderful turkey days we have back in new jersey, with all the delicious foods that only a portuguese-american family can cook up. But still, over here in the low countries, we do alright.