Rush Haunts Me

You’ve probably got a friend who likes Rush. I’m sure you have to think for a second, cause maybe you haven’t seen him in a while (and its definitely a HIM) but he was that good friend who was wonderfully intelligent and lived in what often seemed to be his own world… a world where Rush was the greatest band of all time and the lyrics and music of their songs could answer all of life’s questions.

For me it’s one of my greatest friends ever, who’s doing well, back in my beloved New Jersey. When I met him in high school, I can remember being in the outfield during softball games and just over from my position in right field… there he is in right-center… singing the lyrics to Limelight at a level that most of the outfield can hear. In the beginning I thought it was insane…. as I got to know the man, and yes, the music… I admit I even sang along. Thus beginning the tradition: as the years went by, different music projects, college, changing apartments, changing countries (in my case)… we always found time to cruise around in his car with 2112 or Roll the Bones playing, singing along at the tops of our lungs of course. While at first I may have found the man and especially the band unorthodox, the more i travelled, the more I missed my friend, and the more I longed to hear Rush… which had become like an old friend. A reminder of great times past and of how much I look forward to seeing him again.

As so of course it figures that around the bicyclemark ranch, my dear roomate and I have discovered this phenemenon in common. The friend who loves Rush, and the smile it brings to remember those times, listening to The Trees and crusing around some suburban american town. We’ve even become obesessed with finding a copy of the string quartet tribute to Rush, exit stage left, just to have a laugh and enjoy the odd charm that those classic songs bring.

And so it goes. No matter where I go, or how long it’s been, I hear Closer to the Heart and I’m transported back in time. More importantly; I remember a friendship that has survived many miles and many years, and I smile when I picture – a month from now – being back in that car with that music, and of course – the World’s Biggest Rush fan.