My Friend in Malawi

If you study in an international place like Amsterdam at an international school for social sciences, you find yourself living with some insanely ambitious and worldy people. I’m talkin bicyclemark and his 4 or 5 languages and dual nationality is basically considered average. And of course, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s also a situation where people are constantly passing through, moving on, moving out. And just as frequently, they come back to visit.

That’s my segway to talking about my friend Cecilia, who graduated around the same time as I did well over a year ago. She’d long been saying she wanted to do work with an organization in Africa. Never specified where really, for her any corner of the continent seemed worthy of her attention and prescence.

Recently I got that classic email many of us get when our friends move somewhere new and exciting. C had arrived in Pretoria, South Africa (if I recall correctly) and she was on her way to Malawi – her final destination for a new project. Malawi. I went directly to wikipedia. I know tons about African history. I can name 96% of the countries and their capitals. Most of their prime ministers too. But I didn’t remember where the hell Malawi was or what the situation was there. And so I read up.. and now Im a fairly informed podjournalist.

Fortunately, and I’d like to think my influence helped, C has a started a weblog. Which is perfect for me (and you) to read of her experiences and see her photos of Malawi and all the wonderous journeys she’s be making during her new life there. Another bit of proof showing the uses and power of blogs; I’m now a concerned observer of life/politics in Malawi, and I’d like very much to visit.