How a Nation Should Use A Surplus

Anytime you start to compare Canada and the United States, you always get those guys wrapped in the flag who denounce Canada as weak and proclaim their health system as falling apart and hated. And then you might hear a Canadian defend his/her health system and their extremely positive international image. As much as I hate to attract those dam people, I have to talk about the Canadian government’s budget surplus and how I believe they are acting as a prime example of how a stable, mature, and future oriented government SHOULD use their budget surplus. 13.4 billion canadian clams per year is roughly what we’re talking aboot, by the way.

So let’s see, how is the prime minister’s government planning to use it’s surplus:

  1. Personal Taxcuts, specifically including a cut for the lowest income brackets.
  2. Investment in education (brilliant idea not often followed by some!), for research and student funding (39 billion over 6 years)
  3. And for all ye maple syrup producers, a reduction in the corporate tax rate

And actually, before any of those, the biggest reason the Canadian government deserves a bit of respect is that they are one of the very few nations in the world that can balance a budget. Take note EU with your broken budgets, and US with your drunken spending on weapons of mass destruction distraction.