Flames Fanned By Idiots in French Cabinet

Though they might not be reporting on it in your neck of the woods, over here in old Europe, things are happenning. More specifically, in poor communities outside of Paris, people are revolting. And I’m not talking about body oder. – I’m sure lots of comfy living Europeans gasp at the news and remark — theyre going crazy, it’s terrible! But as you know, I often see things upside down, and in a very dark way – I think this is a necessary and well – justified- revolt.

Generally speaking I’ve long been waiting for a return of the revolutionary spirit of France. The outpouring of capitalism and “stuff” has certainly helped to muffle what was once a wonderfully unpredictable social and political tradition. Throw up the barracades, maybe don’t break out the guillotines, but some pitchforks and torches could certainly be in order. And the only thing they should be doing, which they haven’t done as of yet, is head directly to Matignot or Eylsee and demand some resignations, justice, and maybe some real representation.

Amongst the long list of complex and hard-for-a-guy-like-me to truely understand, problems, I look to the government first-and-foremost. French policy makers at the highest level as completely out of touch with the reality of the working (or unemployed) class. You get guys like Chirac who is senile, Vellipin who’s a classic elitist, and my least-favorite: Sarkozy who is basically Vichy junior, passionately working on bringing facism back to the country. These guys have encouraged an atmosphere where revolt is inevatable and perhaps the only way to get noticed, it would seem. Either that or they’re completely asleep at the wheel of government.