Disgust and Shame for the US and the World

I’m feverish and sneezing and soon to pass out from the pill my dear roomate convinced me to take in order to fight this here sickness of mine. But before I collapse, I had to point out one of the most gut wrenching and startling reports about what is going on in Iraq, which was on DemocracyNow today.

History teachers, parents, average citizens… not only in the US but worldwide, should listen to this testimony and tell everyone about it. This cannot go intold. These crimes must not be buried, they must be exposed. This soldier, among all the soldiers who have slowly and bravely come forward, about the crimes they committed and observed in Iraq, their messages must be heard and must make us realize that as citizens, we too are responsible and blood is on OUR hands.

You owe it to yourself and every one of the thousands upon thousands who have died in Iraq over the past 3 years. Listen to this army interrogator tell about how his task was to rifle through the pockets of dead bodies in a warehouse in fallujah. Listen to him talk about how the government expected him to take their finger prints and retnal scan but they had no fingers or eyeballs to be recorded. They had been burned, rotted or eaten away by dogs. Listen to him talk about how they would freeze and starve detainees. How they would break their limbs or induce hypothermia, all in their quest to bring freedom to the middle east.

It reminds me, on the one hand, why I’m ashamed and always will be ashamed to be american. And it also reminds me of how all nations worldwide, including the one I reside in , have blood on their hands. They keep doing business with the US. They love the money and the power and they stand by or participate during attrocity after attrocity. I for one will work my whole life to remind everyone, regardless of nationality, what a terrible distaster every war in history was, especially the one they claimed would bring freedom to the middle east.

After listening to this terrible account, and so many others over the past year about all the destruction and torture, I can only say, I HATE YOUR FREEDOM.